Next Great Drummer/Sam Ash Atlanta, GA 2013

All People, All Ethnicities, All Ages, and All Music Genre’s


Welcome to ES & URE, Parent Co. of : The International Next Great Drummer Search, Guitar Search, Keyboard Skilz Search, All Brass Search, Photo Wars & coming soon The Annual Maricopa Community Jazz Fest.

We (ES & URE and The NGD Staff) provide online and live music competitions so that unknown musicians have an opportunity to be seen by industry professionals increasing their odds to obtain gigs. At our events contestants are able to showcase their music/artistic skills – where they are judged online, or live by judges (judges that are professional musicians, singers and entertainer professionals from different genres of the music and entertainment industry).

Sizzle Reel
Next Great Drummer Judge – C.G. Ryche

Our website and social media pages also offer potential exposure to concert promoters who are looking for musicians in all genres (Country, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Neo-Soul, etc…) for shows worldwide.

Some winners perform annually at select events such as the upcoming Annual Maricopa Community Jazz Festival, and other Nationwide Music Festivals. Others will be part of the Next Great Drummer All Star Band, various other bands, tours, and potentially be included in upcoming tours and CD recordings.

Musicians can register now and compete to see if they have what it takes to be an internationally recognized musician. Winners will receive sponsored prizes from some companies like: Spaun Drums, Triplet Drum Gloves, Music Connection Magazine, Drum Pimp, Crazy 8s Drums,, Linear Drumming, V-Picks, Groove-Juice, ABC School for Hair & Theater Make-Up, Cire Film Productions, and more!

Our ultimate goal is to mentor young talent and shoot a documentary and reality show on the hard work it takes to be a GREAT musician.

All online contests begin on the last day of each month, judges review online performance clips, winners are chosen, and prizes are mailed out.

We are always looking for gift certificates for prizes, in exchange for cross promotions (includes sponsor links and logo’s on our websites and social medial pages).

Our almost 120,000+ collective international musicians and those in the arts following us are asking…..about new products n’ services in their niche. Perhaps we can share yours.

Code of Ethics

What do we stand for?

ES & URE will strive for the highest standards in business and customer service, offering the highest quality of services to clients, artists, customers and music contestants. ES & URE will not discriminate because of race, ethnicity, language, religion, marital status, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, socioeconomic status or political affiliation.

What is our purpose?

ES & URE purposes to conduct fairness in business dealings whenever possible, being objective and having an interest in creating a business atmosphere that provides a “win-win” situation for all parties whether that is employer-employee or company-client.

What are our values?

ES & URE will not engage in unethical practices by its suppliers – e.g.

  • Use of child labour and forced labour
  • Production in sweatshops
  • Violation of the basic rights of workers
  • Ignoring health, safety and environmental standards

ES & URE will only engage in businesses that are concerned with the ethical behaviour of all businesses that operate in their supply chain – i.e.

  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Sales Agents

ES & URE is dedicated to Community Service and is committed to strengthening the youth in neighborhoods wherever we do business and hold contests.

ES & URE would like to establish a commitment to charitable giving and environmental concern and is researching avenues that fall in line with our interests.

Eric Seats is available for drum clinic bookings. Watch him work.

Eric Seats' Drum Clinic @ Sam Ash Indiana 2013

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